Any writer would say that spelling is essential when it comes to writing.Spelling is something that shouldn’t be forgotten, even if you are an expert or a student.You see, the wrong spelling may change the meaning of the word.In worse cases, a misspelled word can no longer be comprehended.This is one of the lessons my high school English teacher would always tell us her students.Even though most of my classmates believe that spelling is not that important to the career they are looking for, I took everything my teacher said and remembered it.You see, I dream of landing a job as a journalist and a journalist should know appropriate spelling. mentions that words that are not known or complicated ones are really tough to spell to several folks.It would be different if they were like me - a wide reader.Yes, what you have read is true, unlike most people, I love to read and read.Because of my passion for reading, anything will do, be it thick or thin books, romance pocketbooks or not, newspapers, broadsheets, magazines and even journals.

 For me, reading is the perfect way to improve my vocabulary.This resulted to a lot of praises from my college professors for my English vocabulary was simply amazing.It was the opposite with my bestfriend.College reports and essays were very difficult for her, especially since the vocabulary she has was very limited.What makes it even more difficult is that some words are not known to her, making it difficult for her to spell it.Well, I told her to be a voracious reader, we saw that the results would be then and there.The first reason is that each one of these skill I have were accumulated for the many years of reading.Unlike me, she had no accumulated vocabulary skills.That's why we went to the web looking for a solution, until we have come across the site:

We were both glad about the solution that is ideal for her, after reading the contents .That is the use of spell check software. Given the fact that computers are what most university students use in making reports as well as essays, then such software is ideal.Indeed, writing applications or programs offer spellcheck, however, they have limited spellings only.This is the reason why spell check software is perfect.Another thing about these spell check applications is that it can be websites that offer such service or independent applications which can be downloaded.Seeing the good results of the spell check software, my best friend admitted that she was very happy in finding them.Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve my dreams of being a journalist, but still, these applications are still perfect in online article writing.For more information, try the site:
Pushpendra Singh
7/29/2012 16:38:13


very nice post. very useful spell check softwares or online spell check software.
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